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A Guide to Invoicing    


Find out more about invoicing, typically on what is an invoice and how important it is to your business 


Main types of Finance  


It takes money to make money. So what sort of finance options are out there? Here are the types of finance that fund most businesses.                                                                      

Understanding of Accounting Terms  


Accounting is the practice of documenting and tracking financial transactions. Accounting principles are used by individuals and corporations to measure their financial health and performance. Accounting may also help individuals and businesses meet their tax requirements..                                                      

What is Bookkeeping?

Here are some basic bookkeeping concepts and definitions that you should know. They’re central to the methods and processes that a bookkeeper follows to create accurate accounts.

Xero - A powerful cloud accounting software for startup and SMEs in Malaysia

One of the famous cloud accounting software in Malaysia is Xero, which currently serving more than 2 million business worldwide.

Online Invoicing with Xero Accounting Software

Online invoicing is a great replacement for outdated invoicing methods. Xero is a brilliant option to explore since it can efficiently handle all your invoicing operations, saving your company both time and money.

Types of Accounting documents you should know and what there are for

As a SME business owner, sometimes you may be confused on some accounting documents and what they are. Every day, numerous business transactions occur in an entity and these transactions are recorded and controlled by several sources of documentation.

Manage Purchase Order and Bill with Xero Online

Xero allows you to manage your purchasing process on the cloud. You can issue purchase order and email directly to your suppliers and convert it easily into supplier bills when the goods/services are received and bills given to you.

Fixed Assets- Purchase, Depreciation and Disposal

Fixed assets refer to long-term assets bought by a business and used to create its goods and services to gain profit. They are non current assets, which means they will be useful for longer than one year such as a property that own by the company.

Inventory- Type, Costing Method, NRV Test, Stock Count

Inventory is a raw material used to produce goods that are available for sale and generating profit. Inventory is the major assets of a company because the turnover of inventory represents the main source of profit generate and the income for the company’s shareholders.

Bad Debt VS Provision for Impairment

Explore our comprehensive guide to understanding the distinctions between these crucial financial concepts. Gain insights into managing potential credit risks and safeguarding your business's financial health. Delve into the article for a clearer financial perspective.