Starting Business

The essential information you have to know for starting your business.

The Ultimate Guide on Company Incorporation in Singapore

If you're looking to register a company in Singapore, you'll need to learn about company incorporation. Use this guide to understand the incorporation process.

Steps to Register a Company in Singapore

Setting up a Company is simple. But there are some things you need to understand and think about before you set it up, especially when you partner with others.

Company Corporate compliance

The essential information you have to know for Company Corporate Compliance Matters

Annual Corporate Compliance Requirements for a "Sdn Bhd"

Once your company is incorporated, it is not the end of the hassle. It is the start of your business journey and your responsibilities as the director to manage and ensure corporate compliance are met.

Functions of your Statutory Forms

If you are a company owner, you are required to provide statutory documents. The followings are updated statutory documents according to Companies Act 2016.

Get to know :

Important Local Authorities & Government Agencies

The followings are government agencies or local authorities that are essential to business or company owners.


The essential information you have to know on taxation 

Understanding Corporate Tax and Important Deadlines

As a business owner, it important to know and understand what is corporate tax and the important deadlines.

Tax Estimate & CP204 requirements

It is crucial for business or company owners to understand Tax Estimate and its requirements and when to submit CP204 form in order to carry out your business smoothly.

A complete guide to SST

Here, we will guide you to understand what is SST by providing you a thorough information on this matter.

Finance & Accounting

The essential information you have to know no finance and accounting

Understanding of Accounting Terms

Accounting is the practice of documenting and tracking financial transactions. Accounting principles are used by individuals and corporations to measure their financial health and performance. Accounting may also help individuals and businesses meet their tax requirements..

A Guide to Invoicing                                                          

Find out more about invoicing, typically on what is an invoice and how important it is to your business

Main types of Finance                                                        

It takes money to make money. So what sort of finance options are out there? Here are the types of finance that fund most businesses.

Employee & Payroll

The essential information you have to know about employee & payroll

To register after starting your first new hire

As an employer, it is important to know what to register after starting your first new hire.

Get to know : Overtime Rates for employees                       

Rules explained in this article apply to employees covered under the Employment Act that can also be used as guidelines for other staff.

What is HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund)                  

This article will explain the function of HRDF and how to calculate your HRDF levy.


The essential information you have to know for starting your business.

How to get the most out of conversations with your advisor

When was the last time you spoke to an advisor? Many small business owners visit their advisor to get help with things like tax deductions and reporting at EOFY.  

Roles of company secretary                               

The appointment of company secretary is part of the legal requirement according to mandatory regulatory compliances.

Software sale and IT development services in Malaysia 

Make you operation and business efficiency with business software.  Check out some of the common business software in this blog.