How to Start a Private Clinic in Malaysia

You've been a doctor for a while, and after gaining some experience under your belt, you've decided to build your own clinic in Malaysia. Which steps would you take to accomplish this? By way of its Medical Programme, the Malaysian Ministry of Health manages and controls all the country's legitimate private healthcare institutions and services. The Licensing Unit, on the other hand, oversees issuing licences for private hospitals, private maternity homes, and private nursing homes, even though originally this task was carried out with restricted capabilities.

A stronger legislation was required to be put in place, and the Licensing Unit's responsibility needed to be improved, because of the rising demand for higher quality private healthcare facilities and services. That's what led to the passage of the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act in 1998.

In Malaysia, a private clinic is defined as a medical facility that is not part of the public healthcare system and is used or intended to be utilized for the provision of medical services to patients who are not in need of healthcare. Methods used for treatments usually involve:

  • Medical procedures performed on a patient to detect and treat illness or impairment of any kind (mental or physical)
  • Health care that focuses on prevention or health promotion
  • Treatment aimed at alleviating or treating a health problem in a human body

Advantages and disadvantages of owning a clinic

The Advantages of Owning a Clinic
The Disadvantages of Owning a Clinic
  • You are free to direct the clinical procedure in any manner you see suitable
  • You will be responsible for leasing all your equipment
  • You may purchase your own equipment
  • You are responsible for paying the salary of your nurses
  • You have the option of hiring your own in-house nurses
  • You must pay maintenance costs
  • Possible employment of medical assistants

    Opening and managing a private clinic in Malaysia

    If you've been wondering where to go for information about starting your own private clinic in Malaysia, you've come to the best location. This section below will detail the procedures required to start your own private clinic in Malaysia.

    Step 1 - Location to open and set up your clinic in Malaysia

    You may have previously planned or even purchased a place for your own private clinic. In addition to a potential place, the establishment of a private clinic relies on its location. A good location is where the traffic is, in addition to being easily accessible. The demographics of the target patient population, however, may also be important. The patients you're trying to help will be particularly affected by this. Use your knowledge to choose a location that is centrally located among the target demographic. If you want to open a pediatrics clinic, for instance, you should look for a location where the predominant demography is young families. The cost of your consultations will also be influenced by the local median income.

    Step 2 - Register your clinic with SSM

    You are required to file a registration application for your business with the Companies Commission of Malaysia in compliance with the Registration of Business Act 1956 since you want to open and establish your clinic in Malaysia. It's possible that you've already taken the necessary procedures to incorporate your business, but if not, these should get you there. Once for identification verification, you must visit the SSM office nearest to you.

    The following is an in-depth guide on incorporating your business: 

    Step 3 - Authorization of your clinic's signage by the local council

    Your community will want to know that your clinic is opening soon, and a signboard is a great way to do just that. Your clinic's brand will be boosted as a result. The clinic's local city council may be contacted online to request signboard permission. For instance, if your medical facility is in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, you must submit your application to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ). Because of this, signboard licencing applications may have different criteria depending on the area.

    The following is a list of the typical paperwork requirements:

    • A copy of the lease or purchase agreement for the company's current location
    • A copied floor plan layout of the company's physical location
    • Photos documenting the location of the firm's directional sign
    • Signage examples demonstrating the layout and colors 

    Step 4 - Registration of private clinic in Borang A

    Act 586 Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 and its rules must be followed for a private clinic to be lawfully established and operated. Moreover, to start the private medical clinic, you will need to get a Certificate of Registration. It's a must that you use Borang A to register your private clinic before you may get it.

    Simply what is Borang A, then? A private clinic requires the completion of a Borang A form. In conformity with Act 586, this is the case. Borang A is available both online (at the CKAPS website) and in print, should you prefer the latter method.
    Don't leave any blanks in Borang A. If you want to fill out the form by hand, do strictly using a black ink pen and all capital characters. Fill out Borang A with all the relevant info about your clinic, including its name and hours of operation. 

    Step 5 - Send Borang A to Unit Kawalan Amalan Perubatan Swasta (UKAPS)

    Since you have finished Borang A, you should now get it printed (if the form is done online). The next phase of processing requires an RM500 charge. If you want to fill out the form by hand, you may do so, but you will need to send the required processing fee to UKAPS Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri/Wilayah Persekutuan (JKN/WP).

    Your application will now be reviewed by UKAPS. Additionally included is the suggested layout for your medical centre. They will provide a "No Objection Letter" for the selected layout. The clinic's renovation may now go forward after you've received this letter. The typical length of time needed to complete a renovation project is three months. If the renovation is expected to take more than three months, a letter should be sent to the local JKN/WP. 

    Step 6 - Renovation of your clinic

    Your clinic's floor layout, as previously stated, must comply to standards established by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Infrastructure, documentation accessible in the clinic, and pharmaceutical services are all parts of your clinic that must meet the requirements of the legislation. 

    Step 7 - Inspection of clinic by UKAPS

    Once informed UKAPS that your clinic's renovations are complete, an inspection date will be assigned. During the inspection, your clinic must comply with the requirements. The inspection will also comply to this guideline

    This guideline may be studied to have a better understanding of what will be examined during the inspection. If all requirements are met, your application will be sent to CKAPS in Putrajaya.

    Step 8 - Review conducted by Cawangan Kawalan Amalan Perubatan Swasta (CKAPS)

    You may expect a thorough review of your application from a CKAPS processing officer within 4 weeks. You'll get informed on the application's progress. If your proposal is accepted, you will get a letter instructing you to submit payment for a withdrawal charge. There will be a RM 1,000 charge for your services.

    To make a payment to the "Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia," a bank deposit or money order should be sent. No cash or personal checks will be accepted. You may open your own clinic as soon as you make the required fees and print out Borang B. 

    Step 9 - Start your clinic

    Having learned the ins and outs of opening a private clinic, you may now benefit from the following advice on how to bring in new patients and keep your current ones coming back. For starters, your patients will appreciate it if you maintain communication with them in a way that is both personalized and timely. You need to generate more profit, which means driving more quality leads. Increasing your competitive edge is crucial if you want to win more patients.

    In Malaysia, the first step in establishing your own clinic or healthcare facility is to incorporate or register your clinic as a corporation. Altomate specializes in business incorporation; contact us now for more information. Contact us now immediately to make an appointment. Come in to learn more about business incorporation.

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    Xero - A powerful cloud accounting software for startup and SMEs in Malaysia

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    Xero - A powerful cloud accounting software for startup and SMEs in Malaysia

    One of the famous cloud accounting software in Malaysia is Xero, which is originated from New Zealand/Australia and currently serving more than 2 million business worldwide. Xero accounting software is a cloud based program designed that gives business owners real time access
    Writing your Business Plan

    Writing your Business Plan

    It is important to create your business plan as it will help to guide you on how to structure, manage and develop your business.


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