Starting Business

The essential information you have to know for starting your business.

Things to Think About When Setting Up a Company

Setting up a company is simple. But there are some things you need to understand and think about before you set it up, especially when you partner with others.

The Ultimate Guide on Company Incorporation in Malaysia

If you're looking to register a company in Malaysia, you'll need to learn about company incorporation. Use this guide to understand the Sdn. Bhd. process.

Things to prepare after you incorporate a company in Malaysia

The incorporation process of a Company ("Sdn. Bhd.") in Malaysia is straight forward and simple. But there are few important things that you need to do before you growing your business.

Guidelines of
naming Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia

Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) has published a guidelines on naming your company. Follow the guidelines to allow your company incorporation process go smoothly.

Type of company in Malaysia

There are different types of company for entrepreneurs to register in Malaysia, with private limited company (Sdn. Bhd.) being one of the most common ones.

Writing your Business Plan

It is important to create your business plan as it will help to guide you on how to structure, manage and develop your business.

Converting from an Enterprise to a Sdn. Bhd. (Private Company)

Usually when you feel your business are getting stable and aim to expand further, you may start considering what the benefits of Sdn. Bhd. and if you should convert your business into a Sdn. Bhd.

Why use Sdn. Bhd. to start your business?

Despite the cost of setting up and compliance requirements, registering a private company (Sdn. Bhd.) remain one of the most popular business vehicles

Build Your Capital Funding by Incorporate a Company

Capital is crucial in running a business, business uses this money as operating capital. It would be difficult for you to run a business if you do not have a capital. How can you build your capital funding by incorporate a company?

How to Start Travel Agency in Malaysia

Travel is everyone’s dream. Often people choose to travel as a short escape from work and life stress. However, not everyone can plan the perfect trip. To avoid regrets and overspending, travel agencies play an important role to provide services.

How to Start a Restaurant in Malaysia

Nowadays, many modest roadside booths have gone viral owing to the originality and variety of the cuisine itself, with customers eager to line up to buy it. We would recommend for sellers that wish to grow their business from enterprise to Sdn. Bhd. It is an excellent chance for your company's future

How to Start a Retail Business in Malaysia

Retails business refer to a business sector that sell goods or services to customer for their needs and wants. They sell goods and services in a store, or though online platform and shipped to the customers. There are a few steps need to consider before you start your retail business.

Foreigner to Start  a Business in Malaysia

Are you intending to expand your business in Malaysia but not sure what are the documents and requirement needed to start your company in Malaysia because you are a foreigner? Here are some of the criteria need to consider before you incorporate a company (Sdn Bhd )in Malaysia.