Type of Addresses in Malaysia 

Many people often confused regarding the types of addresses required when incorporating a Company. Address is very important as it stated the particulars of the place where someone or organisation is situated. Having a professional business address can give your company a more official and trustworthy appearance. It will send out a picture indicating that you are established and that any emails sent to you will be treated professionally and promptly.

Furthermore, address is one of the items listed in Personal Data Protection Act, 2010 as it is an information that could make and/or allow a person to be identifiable. Therefore, everyone needs to know which types of the addresses that you can use or give to certain people or organisation. 

There are few types of address needed in a Company, please find the below list for your reference:

1. Registered Office Address (RO Address)

The address act as an official address for your private company (Sdn Bhd), public company (Berhad) or Partnership Company (LLP/PLT) for authorities or government agencies such as Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM/SSM), Inland Revenue Board (IRB/LHDN). This is to ensure that all of the important letters, legal notices or other formal matters to the Company. This address must reliably receive at this RO Address and acted upon (if necessary). In Malaysia, usually this RO Address will be located at the Company Secretary Office address as they are the ones that accountable to ensure a Company comply with rules and regulations. RO Address also is a place where all the statutory documents and registers are stored. RO Address for each Company are not allowed to have more than one to ensure Companies know exactly which address they should receive important government documents. 

2. Business Address

A business address is a place where a Company conduct the business, and all the staffs are located for the business operation. Business address can be more than one, and it is called as a branch address. In regards of correspondence received at the address, the Company may receive from suppliers, banks, clients/customers and other institution that require more liaison with the person that manage the Company. Business address is more commercial where a Company can use it for advertisement, websites, business cards, or emails. 

3. Service Address

Every directors of the company that incorporated under Companies Act 2016 are required to give two addresses which are residential address and service address. Service address in relation to a director means, an address, electronic or otherwise, provided to the company to which any communication may sent. Service address’s purpose is similar as to Registered Office Address acts for the Company but the director can access from mail. This address is not necessary to be the home address, but it may appear on the public record.  

4. Residential Address

A residential address is exactly where a person live, but it must be kept out from the public. This type of address is protected under Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) which every organisation must follow the policy under PDPA in order to use this address. 

5. Virtual Address

In other ways, using a virtual address for company's business. A virtual business address can be used by any company. Whether you are a sole proprietor, an LLC, or a corporation, you have the option of utilising a virtual office address as your legal address. You may get not just typical business mail but also legal letters from the government at your virtual address. Basically, if you are using virtual address, they provide services like receiving mail, parcels, email and message notification, dedicated local telephone number and etc.

When registering a new company, many people use their home address, however if you're a limited company, your address becomes public. Registering your home address may not be a priority while starting your business. However, you may be relieved that your home address is kept confidential later on. Would you want a really irate customer to know where you live, for example?

A virtual office provides several advantages to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small enterprises, particularly those that operate from home or without commercial premises. One such advantage is that a virtual office may be utilised as a registered office if the address meets the legal criteria. Using a virtual office as a registered office is a viable and cost-effective option for limited companies and LLPs, providing the ability to establish a reputable corporate image, keep home address information out of the public record, and satisfy the ever-changing demands of small enterprises. 

All of the address can be change overtime and once company is incorporated, the company secretary is liable to do all the changes. If you have any questions or require company incorporation service, please contact us for your company incorporation, and we'll try our best to help. 

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