Important Local Authorities & Government Agencies

The followings are government agencies or local authorities that are essential to business or company owners.


Authority Website  


Main activities


  • Registration of business/company, application for auditor or secretary license, registration of audit firm

  • Registration, renewal, and rejection of company/business
  • To incorporate & register companies
  • Providing business information to the public 

IRB (Inland Revenue Board)

  • Administration of direct taxes
  • Taxation

  • Enforcing and collecting taxes 
  • Taxes include - income tax, petroleum income tax, stamp duties, real property gains tax, estate duties and other taxes.

Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC)

  • Administration of indirect tax policy, border enforcement & narcotic offences

  • Collecting import and export duties

Employees Provident Fund (EPF)

  • Retirement planning / savings for private sector employees

  •  Providing guidelines for employers to meet legal and moral obligations to their employees.
  •  Helping workers to save fraction of their wages in a lifetime banking scheme.

Social Security Organisation aka (SOCSO)

  • Social security protections 

  • Providing social security protections to all employees in Malaysia.
  • Registration of employers and employees.
  • Collection of contribution from employers and employees.
  • Payment of benefits to workers and/or their dependents in case of tragedy.

Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)

  • Training and development of Malaysian workforce

  • Provide training and up-skilling interventions to key industries in Malaysia.
  • Carry out collection of a human resources development levy for promoting the training and development of employees.

Malaysia Local Council
(DBKL, MBPJ, MBSJ and etc)

  •  Business license

  •  Providing and approving business license to business owners

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