Incorporation Process of a Company

Incorporating your business means you are one step ahead to own the business of your dream.  Here we will summarize the incorporation process that will help to give you a better understanding of the incorporation of your company.

Company's name application

To incorporate your company, a name reservation should be done and need to be approved by SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia). 

A company’s name can be registered in two ways, which are direct incorporation or name reservation.

Direct incorporation

  • Direct incorporation is a combination of name incorporation and incorporation process.
  • Incorporation fees of RM 1,000.00 and the applicant should complete the application online
  • Once the proposed name has been approved, the application to incorporate your company will be processed. 
Name Reservation
  • Name reservation is to submit the proposed company name to be approved by SSM while the incorporation process is to be done separately.
  • The information for the company name should be done online by the applicant and a fee of RM 50.00 will be charged for each name reservation applied.
  • Once the proposed name is approved, the company name will be reserved for 30 days to a maximum of 180 days from the date of approval. Then, with a fee of RM1,000.00, you can proceed with the registration process. 

Requirements needed

  • Company name of your choice
  • Status of a private or public company
  • The proposed type of company
  • The address of the registered office
  • The business address
  • A complete detail of director(s) and shareholder(s)
  • Declaration from the director(s)
  • Declaration of compliance (made by the individual who is responsible for the incorporation 

Additional documents (if any) :

  • A copy of the consent letter from the corporate body named as the member of the company/ relevant agency
  • Copy of director’s qualification certificate 

Registration fee

  • A fee of RM 1,010 for a company limited by shares
  • A fee of RM 3,000 for a company limited by guarantee 


what you need to do

  • Within 30 days after incorporation, a company secretary that is registered with SSM and with a valid practicing certificate shall be appointed by your company.
  • If required, the company may file the constitution of the company after the incorporation.

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Note: You are also advised to acquire the necessary license/permit/approval from the relevant authorities before starting your business. 

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