How To Register Company On Your Own On MyCoID

Starting a new business venture can be an exciting but challenging process. One of the crucial steps in establishing your company is registering it with the relevant authorities. In Malaysia, the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) has introduced an online platform called MyCoID to streamline the company registration process. This article will guide you through the steps of registering your company on MyCoID2016, empowering you to embark on your entrepreneurial journey confidently.

             Step 1: Create User Account

To begin the registration process, visit the MyCoID website and create a user account. Provide the necessary personal details and choose a secure password. Once your account is set up, you'll have access to the various services offered by SSM (suruhanjaya syarikat malaysia) which is MyCoID. Register at MyCoID2016 and sign up a new account if you a new user.

Create your information and important details such as email, personal details, contact information, GST information (if applicable) and create a password for your account. And then sign in at the MYCoID welcome home page.

             Step 2: Reserve Your Company Name

Before proceeding with the company registration, you need to ensure that your desired company name is available and complies with SSM's naming guidelines. Use MyCoID's name search feature to check the availability of your chosen name. If the name is available, you can proceed to reserve it for your company. Then name search and direct incorporation upon login to the system you will be directed to the Customer Portal homepage. Click the first box which is as picture attach below.

In the name search enter the company name you want to search in the proposed company name field. You need to enter the  proposed company name without Sdn. Bhd. or Berhad. The purpose type and the company subtype has been defaulted to N-new incorporation. S- Limited By Shares and Sdn. Bhd. respectively. You can change them according to the purpose of your new incorporation. Then click the search button, and if its allowed click the submit button.

             Step 3: Choose the Company Type and Structure

Select the type of company you wish to register, such as a private limited company (Sendirian Berhad or Sdn. Bhd.) or a sole proprietorship. Decide on the company's structure, including the number of shareholders and directors, based on your business needs and requirements. Once submitted you will be directed to SuperForm page. 5 sections in SuperForm which are particulars of application, clarification, application details include directors, member or shareholders, information in agency, declaration section and lodger information.

Section C on application details you shall add the business code that is related to your nature of business by clicking add button. Then you will be redirected to business code page where you are required to select business code or description that is related to your business.

             Step 4: Complete the Required Forms and Documents

MyCoID provides a user-friendly platform that guides you through the process of completing the necessary forms and documents. Fill in the required information, upload the relevant documents, and make any necessary declarations.

     Select every section under the application details to fill in all details. Including directorer, shareholders,                 employer, and the relevant details about your company. 

Step 5: Pay the Registration Fees

The registration process involves a fee, which can be paid conveniently through MyCoID using various payment methods. Once the payment is confirmed, you'll receive a payment receipt for your records.

Step 6: Obtain Your Certificate of Incorporation

As part of the registration process, you will need to verify your identity. MyCoID allows you to do this online through its authentication service, eliminating the need for physical visits to SSM. After successfully completing all the steps and satisfying the necessary requirements, you will receive your Certificate of Incorporation (Form 9). This document officially confirms your company's registration and serves as proof of its legal existence.


what you need to do

  • Within 30 days after incorporation, a company secretary that is registered with SSM and with a valid practicing certificate shall be appointed by your company.
  • If required, the company may file the constitution of the company after the incorporation.

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Note: You are also advised to acquire the necessary license/permit/approval from the relevant authorities before starting your business. 


Registering your company on MyCoID is a straightforward and efficient process that enables aspiring entrepreneurs to establish their businesses quickly and conveniently. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you can confidently navigate the company registration process on your own, saving time and resources. After incorporation is done you will need to appoint company secretary, auditor, tax agent, and other related to bookkeeping.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. For specific guidance on company registration and compliance matters, it is recommended to consult with a qualified legal professional or company incorporation service provider.
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