Company Corporate Compliance

The essential information you have to know for your business.

Annual Corporate Compliance Requirements for a "Sdn Bhd"

Once your company is incorporated, it is not the end of the hassle. It is the start of your business journey and your responsibilities as the director to manage and ensure corporate compliance are met.

Functions of your Statutory Forms

If you are a company owner, you are required to provide statutory documents. The followings are updated statutory documents according to Companies Act 2016.

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Important Local Authorities & Government Agencies

The followings are government agencies or local authorities that are essential to business or company owners.

Annual Return Filing to SSM

Set as the most important requirement by Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), as a company owner, you need to know what is the Annual Return and when to submit it to SSM.

Fixing of A Financial Year End

Find out more about financial year end and how to determine the financial year of your company.

Changes in Directors of a Company Incorporated in Malaysia

Once your company is incorporated, your company may have changes in the key personnel (namely, the director) from time to time- appointment of director, resignation or removal of director

Changes in details of your company incorporated in Malaysia

After you have successfully set up your company, situation may have changed along the way in your business. For example, you are moving office or you are expanding into a new business industry. To ensure proper compliance with the Companies Act 2016, you are required to update and notify SSM

Changes in Share Capital and Structure of Your Company Incorporated in Malaysia

Here we cover the relevant process and compliance requirements under Companies Act 2016 with regards to issuing new shares and transfer of shares

Type of Address in Malaysia

Many people often confused regarding the types of addresses required when incorporating a Company. Address is very important as it stated the particulars of the place where someone or organisation is situated. Having a professional business address can give your company a more trustworthy.

Incorporation Process of a Company

Incorporating your business means you are one step ahead to own the business of your dream. Here we will summarize the incorporation process that will help to give you a better understanding on incorporation of your company.

Responsibility of Company Secretary in Malaysia

Expert Insights Responsibility of a Company Secretary: Learn About Their Duties, Responsibilities, and the Importance of Their Contributions.

What is Digital Company Secretary and How It Works For You?

Learn how digital company secretaries work and how they can benefit your business. Discover the advantages of using a digital company secretary.

How To Register Company On Your Own On MyCoID

This provides valuable insights and a practical guide for entrepreneurs seeking to register their companies using the MyCoID platform, simplifying the process and empowering them to take control of their business registration journey.