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Altomate understands the importance of people in your business. Our team is assisted by powerful software to do our work. We help businesses big and small efficiently automate their payroll operations and payroll administration to help increase productivity and make strategic human capital decisions.

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Accurate & Timely Outsource Payroll Services Company in Malaysia

At Altomate, we provide reliable and cost-effective outsource payroll services in Malaysia. Our team of payroll experts can help you save time and money by taking care of all your payroll needs. We understand the importance of complying with government regulations and meeting deadlines, which is why we ensure that all payroll tasks are done accurately and on time.

Our payroll outsourcing services allow you to save on costs related to hiring and retaining a payroll team, purchasing payroll tools, and keeping up with the latest rules and regulations regarding EPF, EIS, and SOCSO. With our expert team handling your payroll, you can focus on other aspects of your business and leave the complex and time-consuming tasks to us.

Confidentiality is a value that is highly prioritized and supported, hence you can trust us to handle all your payroll information with utmost care and discretion. We provide customized reports for your company or organization based on your specific requirements and needs, ensuring that you always have access to the information you need to make informed decisions.

As an outsource payroll company, don't let government compliance and administration become a burden on your business. Contact us today to learn more about our payroll services in Malaysia and how we can help you save costs on payroll processes, ensure compliance, and meet all deadlines. If other digital business solutions suit your needs instead, check out our other professional services such as bookkeeping, tax advisory, and company incorporation services.


No worry on cost savings

There will be no need to incur costs for your own payroll department and instead implement cost sharing, all while saving other expenses such as recruiting, training, staff amenities, and medical benefits.

No worry on compliance and deadline

Our dedicated team will help you to deal with legislative changes and stay compliant with statutory reporting requirements (EPF, LHDN, SOCSO, EIS and more).

No worry on confidentiality

We take client confidentiality as our upmost priority. With payroll processed by us, you can rest assured that salaries and remuneration remain confidential.


No worry on tax returns

Completing your tax returns can be extremely tedious and time-consuming taking up hours. Save the hassle, and allow us to organize your files, complete and submit your income tax file number, tax returns for you for immeasurable peace of mind.

No worry on latest tax regulation

Our team keep themselves updated with latest tax regulation ensures that when it comes to corporate tax preparation and requirements, your businesses stay compliant.

No worry on missing deadline

Multiple deadline for tax compliance can be daunting. We will do the work to remind you ahead so no deadline is missed and no unnecessary penalty is suffered

how it works

Fast and simple payroll solutions

payroll services in malaysia

Payroll on the cloud

Easily accessible anywhere and anytime, stored on secured cloud server. Manage leave, time attendance & shift scheduling on your laptop or mobile. Employees receive and have access to their pay slip anytime.

payroll outsourcing services in Malaysia

Streamlined process with full flexibility

Simplify and automate tedious process on time attendance, claim processing and payroll processing. Set your time in/out with mobile app on location tracking.

outsource payroll services in malaysia

Accurate statutory submission and timely payment

Our system automate the calculation of statutory contribution and generation of form that free you from hours of manual calculations and filing.

payroll services in malaysia

Salary through bank transfers

We may help to set up a dedicated bulk payment system that allows you to easily keep track of every employee’s respective details and salaries for the month for instant and hassle-free transfer.

The Best Cloud Payroll Outsourcing Services

What is payroll outsourcing services? 

Our payroll services come with a professional team of experts that can take on your payroll problems and reduce the overhead in your payroll department. We will help to process your payroll every month and provide customised reports for your company based on your requirements and the needs of your business.

With our payroll outsourcing services, we are certain that you will be able to save costs on hiring and retaining a payroll team, and also you do not have to buy your own payroll tools, and our company as payroll providers will keep you updated with the latest rules and regulations regarding EPF, EIS, and SOCSO in Malaysia.

Payroll outsourcing services are very suitable for companies that do not want to handle the payroll process. Payroll outsourcing services allow you to focus on running your business, so you can avoid the hassle of having to spend your time managing the payroll.

The main benefit you will get from our professional payroll outsourcing services is that we can help you to handle time-consuming, complex payrolls, so that you can save your staff valuable time and resources. Outsourcing payroll services by our experts is your answer to all your needs regarding outsourcing. We as payroll outsourcing provider will providing you with a streamlined and efficient way to manage your finances.

Price Plan

Any pricing for your needs

Payroll Processing
Monthly payroll processing, online payment and filling of EPF, SOCSO, EIF, HRDF and/or PCB included
/mo billed anually

One-off Payments
One time payroll set up (EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF registration)
RM 450
Preparation of Form EA
Preparation and filing of Form E
RM300 + RM50/employee
Preparation and filing form Form CP58
RM300 + RM30/employee


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Need someone to help with the taxes that need to be imposed on employers, business owners or employees? Or to calculate the percentage of salaries for your employees? Check out our services on taxation services, bookkeeping services.

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